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Online tutoring
The development of technology has brought many innovations to education life. One of these innovations is online education. Online tutoring, which has been used frequently in recent years, is an education system in which students and instructors are not in the same environment. Many people want to take online courses on subjects that they want to improve by using this system. Online education is an education system where students who can connect to the internet can get information using devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers in the environments they want without space and time limits. When registering for online training at the institution, a user name and password are determined on the system. With this username and password, students can log into the system. After registration, students enter a panel and follow-up lessons can be done from here. You can also access course materials from here. Live lessons can be followed according to the days and hours determined by the expert teachers. In this way, effective learning can be achieved by actively participating in live lessons. In addition, to life lessons, there are also lecture videos and lecture points in online tutoring. Students who cannot attend the live classes have the opportunity to watch old recordings from here. In this way, no lessons will be missed with the videos uploaded to the system later. Exams related to courses made over the Internet are determined by prior announcements at a time determined by the institutions. Online education is an education system that does not contain borders. It provides information transfer to people of all age groups regardless of time and place. In this way, anyone with the internet can benefit from this training by using technological devices.

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